Mohak has always transformed the world around herself in many colors. She attended the Ecole D´Art Uccle in Brussels and later on became influenced by the vibrant colors and multiple painted walls of Barcelona, where she spent a few years. Living in Berlin now, she takes her inspiration from travels, urban environments, santerismo, music as well as recycling and natural materials. Her paintings are referencing ethnic visuals from Native Americans, Mayan sculptures to Latin American saints, combined with spiritual symbolisms. Reoccurring in all images next to the center eye(s) are natural materials, such as leaves, feathers and rain drops that could as well be tears. 

She has been exploring illustration, graphic/web design, photography and (mural) painting, giving her characters an urban, spiritual and very colorful touch.

Find out more about murals, paintings, shows etc. here: www.mohak-art.com