Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012

Graffito @ THE WYE, Berlin

Graffito / The Voice of the Common Man (Group Show)

*One night pop-up exhibition at The WYE*

Contemporary Adaptations by:

Dead Wait, Plotbot, ALANIZ, Talissa Mehringer, ELFRIEDES, Sonia, DEVI (Style wars 2), RallitoX and MOHAK.

VAGE presents the first edition of our monthly Pop-Up Gallery featuring emerging and established local and international artists. The exhibitions take place on the second Thursday of every month.

The artists were asked to research and be inspired by a piece of ancient graffiti. Using modern day materials and referencing current issues, each artist has created a piece that reflects the historic image they have selected.

Graffiti is recorded to date back as far as 40,000 years. Without the carvings from pre-existing cultures, contemporary research would have a limited understanding of the average man in ancient civilizations. A bias of wealth and power. The average man in the contemporary world bids for a voice within society using the modern materials and tools that are available to them. GRAFFITO explores these current approaches.

The selected artists are all active street, graffiti and urban artists. Although Berlin has less prejudice than other central cities in the western world, the act of manipulating public property - no matter the context- remains an illegal act that can result in prosecution. All of our chosen artists work with different mediums and in different areas in the urban art field. We are happy to present a mixture of artists working in street art, free hand spraying, stickers, stencils, train writing, paint brush and more.

We are hoping to show the worth of a common person's voice within society. Currently Street Art and Graffiti are viewed as vandalism, but the etchings of ancient cultures has helped scholars to understand the life of an average person. In the next millenniums, will our own voice be discovered? What will they say to the future of mankind?

Start: 7pm
Where: The WYE (Old Post office), Skalitzer Str. 86, Kreuzberg
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