Samstag, 6. Juni 2015

Sun, Moon and Stars ~Peacock (Taous)~ in Essaouira - 2015!

A new peacock graces Essaouira again. They recently painted the other one over with a cat, so I got a new spot for this one! Arose a bit of controversy with one of the guys working in a shop closeby, because of the Berber symbols I added, and He (being Arab) made a big fuss about that many Arabs would be very, very upset about this (despite the fact that Essaouira is a Berber town and all they sell in the jewellery shops is Berber symbols, but what the heck). So I added a few Arab letters as well. All happy. Including the cats :).
Then he came up with the story that I was part of the Illuminati and everything I painted had a meaning, even the peacock was just an excuse to add hidden symbols. The tail of the peacock was supposed to be the Jewish tree, and God knows what else. Actually I would be interested in knowing what he reads out of the painting, because I have no clue when I paint. My mind is pretty empty then.

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